About This Blog

I write this blog mainly for people who are fairly new to financial planning and investing for retirement.

You're probably in your mid-20s to mid-40s. You might have a vague but nagging feeling that there's more you should be doing to take care of your future self.

When you search the web for help, most of what you find is financial porn, portfolio theory, and get-rich schemes. You're looking instead for the beginnings of financial wisdom to guide you towards a secure tomorrow without sacrificing happiness today.

You've come to the right place.

About Me

Maybe you're asking yourself, "Why does this guy get to write a financial blog? He's not even retired." If so, I'm proud of you. In financial matters, you should always be skeptical.

Here are my qualifications:

  • I have an MBA degree with a 4.0 GPA, including courses in accounting, finance, and statistics.
  • I've owned a small business, including meeting payroll and selling products.
  • I've been over-employed, under-employed, and unemployed.
  • I've probably made and lost and remade more money than most people.
  • I've probably read more personal finance books than most people.
  • I'm a real, published writer (outside of blogging) with an MFA degree in writing.

On the other hand, I'm not a financial insider. I don't have any financial licenses or certifications, experience in the financial sector, or investments in financial companies beyond those you'd find in broad market mutual funds and exchange-traded funds.

In other words, I have knowledge and experience that I'm happy to share, free from conflicts of interest.

Contact me if you have questions I might answer, think that I got something wrong, or want to suggest a topic that you think I should cover.

And thanks for reading!