To help you save money and get the most out of life, I collected links to several products that I rely on. You can save some serious money using these links.

Disclosure: This page contains affiliate links and I may receive commissions for purchases made through links in this post, but these are all products I highly recommend. Everything on this page I personally use.


CheapOAir - My wife and I have family outside the US. How do we find affordable flights for overseas trips? CheapOAir. We got extra lucky on our last trip with 50 percent off to Europe on British Air. They sell domestic fares, too. Definitely put them on your shopping list for your next adventure. (The link here gives you $30 off.)

Chromebook - This may seem like an odd travel recommendation but trust me: a Chromebook is a great travel accessory. The battery lasts for hours, long enough for international flights. I download NetFlix videos on mine to catch up on movies during long flights. Many AirBnB apartments now offer WifI; with a Chromebook it's super easy and convenient to look up maps, store and museum times, TripAdvisor recommendations, and more. Plus Chromebook is lightweight. I'd be lost travelling without one now. (The link here goes to Amazon's suggested offer.)


Overstock – Over the years, I've found great deals on jewelry, linens, wall art, the extra monitor and laptop stand I'm using right now, and more. I've returned a few items to Overstock over the years and they've been pleasant and efficient in their customer service. Don't overlook them when shopping for your next great deal. (The link here gets you free standard shipping on order over $45.)

FTD – All my family lives in another state. Fortunately, because of the good money habits that my parents have and passed on to us kids, they don't really want for much. Still, it's nice to send them flowers, plants, and other gifts for special occasions. I use FTD and the service has always been reliable. Is it time to send someone in your life a special something? (The link here saves you 20%.)

Harry & DavidHarry & David is my FTD of food. I've used this for personal and business gifts for many years. Maybe this is more of a West Coast and Northwest thing, but you'll love their fruit selections. The nuts and cheese and cookies and candies—they're all good, too. (The link here leads to their deal of the week. Check it out!)


Roku –  I bought a Roku streaming device more than ten years ago, when they first came out. With NetFlix, PBS, Amazon Video, Pandora, and tons of other content available, I haven't paid for cable services for a decade. That's some serious savings. It's super easy to set up and connect to your WiFi. There's lots of children's and educational content, too. Stop paying for all that cable content you probably never watch. (The link here takes you to all of Roku's available players.)


AVG – I've used AVG virus software for nearly 20 years. Yes, it's been around that long. Today, it guards my laptop and cellphone plus my wife's. I've used both their free services and paid services and found them all effective and valuable. (The link here gets you 20% off their PC Tune-Up package.)

LastPass– I never liked password management software until I used LastPass. In fact, I like LastPass so much I upgrade to their Family account and inflicted it on my wife. Now you can have strong password for every account available on every device without repeating passwords. (The link here doesn't offer a discount, sadly. I keep hoping they'll fix this shortcoming.)


1&1 Ionos – When I needed a website hosting service, a designer friend of mine recommended his hosting company, 1&1 Ionos. The company has been in business since 1988 and offering web hosting services in the US since 2003. They're the largest internet hosting company in Europe and have a strong presence here in the US. They host 12 million domains around the world and PCmag rate them an editor's choice.

How to Start a Blog – There are plenty of reasons to start a blog. It raises your professional visibility. It teaches you skills that you can charge, or charge more, for as an employee or freelancer. You have a place to practice writing and showcase your work. I think writing is a core skill for every professional. Use my free mini course from my marketing blog to step through the process to start your managed WordPress blog hosted with 1&1 Ionos.

Think Like a Content Strategist – In blogging, it helps to have a strategy, to think like a content strategist. Otherwise, you might find yourself facing a blank screen, wondering what to write. Or, writing a bunch of stuff that doesn't all belong together. Watch my free video from my marketing blog to learn how to create and use a multidimensional content model to guide and shape your writing. It's the same system I've used for more than six years on multiple blogs.


Arcadia PowerArcadia Power connects you to clean energy and helps you spend less on your power bill. You can do right by the planet and your wallet. Just sign up at tell them who your current electricity and gas provider is. They'll handle the rest. Your utility bill goes the Arcadia. You’ll know what your utility charge is, how much you’ve saved, and how much clean energy you’ve helped generate. No changes to your energy service, just a more sustainable bill — and no credit card fees. (The link here doesn't offer a discount, unfortunately. I keep hoping they'll fix this shortcoming.)